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Social Premium Ads. Facebook WTF?

I think it’s safe to say that the Facebook “WTF mom story” has reached urban legend status. I’ve read it and heard it told in first, second, and third person.  I’m starting to hear variations of the story now, but they all essentially stem from the same premise. Somebody’s mom from somewhere has a Facebook page, and mom has misunderstood “WTF” to be an acronym for “With The Family.” Family members don’t have the heart or are enjoying the inside joke too much to tell mom the actual meaning. The story always ends with some wacky example of mom using “WTF” in a status update, “I enjoyed being WTF on vacation last week.”

This February, Facebook announced its new Premium Ad upgrade at the Facebook Marketing Conference in New York. Some are calling it a revolution in social advertising, others an infringement upon Facebook users. All the fuss is about Facebook allowing advertisers to purchase ads based on who “likes” their corporate content. Of course, being a social site, Facebook also provides advertisers access to friends of those who ”like.” The assumption being that “friends” create their own mini demographic. Continue reading