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Second Screen Experiences: A higher state of consciousness or more opiates for the masses?

TV watchers are an easy target for those who damn the activity. Their indignations always seem to fall upon a lack of intelligence boob tube, couch potato, idiot box, and the glorification of books. These haughty assertions are hard to refute for those of us who enjoy a good brain deadening experience, because the evidence is rather conclusive. Studies show that while watching TV, brain wave activity almost entirely switches from our left brain, which is linear, logical, and ordered, to our right brain, which is intuitive, creative, and random. This transfer “numbs” the left brain, leaving our right brain in charge.  That explains my late night urges to frequent a Wendy’s drive through.

A study commissioned by Yahoo and Nielson found that 86% of mobile users are on the web while watching their favorite shows, especially sports and reality TV. This phenomenon is part of the social TV movement called the “second screen.” That’s right, as a species we are instinctively evolving. These dual activities are reinstating a natural order by stimulating our left brain with verbal and problem solving activities, while appeasing the other half with imagery and entertainment. TV. An addiction, or a necessary evolutionary step toward a higher state of consciousness?

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