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There are many advertising and communication models used by marketers today. A particular subset that I find very descriptive, direct, and conceptually easy to understand is that of one-to-many, one-to-one, and, many-to-many. Clear. Concise. Sequential. Wouldn’t the next logical progression in this model be many-to-one? After all, isn’t it the ultimate goal of marketing to bring the many to the one? Namely, the product or service sold by the corporation?

Let’s pretend for a minute that brand doesn’t matter, and that I actually have a point here. Isn’t many-to-many a little misleading? Facebook is many-to-many and Twitter is many-to-many. Here’s my point: Many-to-many does not exist without a network. Facebook is a media network. A corporate Facebook page is not.

Many-to-many does not exist without the goal of bringing many-to-one. So how do marketers practically participate in the many-to-many advertising and communication model? Easy, bring the many to the one by creating your own network.

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