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“There she is, Miss Media…”

Miss Wisconcin

Miss America Laura Kaeppeler

Okay, beauty pageants don’t hold the sway of days gone by, but you have to admire the pluck of this year’s 2012 Miss America pageant committee

In Idol-esque fashion, last Saturday night the pageant allowed the public to vote online for a single candidate to compete as one of the five finalists.

The pageant utilized an elaborate mix of emerging media. Each contestant created a video that was part of a Facebook survey allowing enthusiasts to view and vote. The videos were also available on YouTube, and when “liked” also cast a vote. Voting could also take place via text messaging.

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Nobody calls it multi-media anymore

After reviewing our 2007 first quarter financials, everyone in the boardroom was silent. We knew the recession accounted for a good portion of our downturn, but more concerning was that our customers—and our customers’ customers—were communicating differently. We had endured many threats of new media displacing traditional media, but this was different. Hours of conversation followed, filled with streams of anecdotal evidence that made it clear: everything was changing.

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