Nobody calls it multi-media anymore

After reviewing our 2007 first quarter financials, everyone in the boardroom was silent. We knew the recession accounted for a good portion of our downturn, but more concerning was that our customers—and our customers’ customers—were communicating differently. We had endured many threats of new media displacing traditional media, but this was different. Hours of conversation followed, filled with streams of anecdotal evidence that made it clear: everything was changing.

Our executive team tasked me with expanding our core business to include multi-touch, multi-channel marketing and communication solutions, referred to then as “multi-media” marketing. I was chosen because of my background was an odd combination of technical and creative. The results were a successful “marketing service provider” division that was embraced by our marketing and fundraising clients.

That was nearly five years ago, and my company is still a respected MSP, but nobody calls it multi-media marketing anymore; and no one cares about the multi-touch, multichannel marketing. Not really. The “emerging media” mindset has changed the paradigm of media in marketing. I say mindset, because emerging media is not encumbered by traditional views of media.  Emerging media looks beyond media and beyond devices.

For purposes of this blog, emerging media will be the social, economical impact of digital content accessed or provided through the Internet, in such a manner that it provokes thought, emotion, interaction, entertainment or commerce. This definition is crazy vague, I know, but it’s my goal to expound upon the meaning and understanding of emerging media for my readers, through this blog.

Where do I work?  Does it matter? The experiences I am sharing are universal to any business. Why so cryptic? Those pesky nondisclosure agreements leave me no other choice than to remain anonymous. On the plus side, I get to refer to myself in the third person. Cathartic? Yes. I need an outlet for how emerging media affects my life and work—Hello world!

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